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Town of Bath



Charges for service commences when the meter is installed and connection is made, whether used or not.   Bills for water/wastewater service are due when rendered and are delinquent after thirty days. In the event the bill for service is not paid in 30 days after it was rendered, the service will be disconnected within ten days.  Further, if the meter has been suspended for nonpayment, the bill must be paid in full, in addition to a $25.00 reconnect fee, before srevice will be reconnected.   Failure to receive bills mailed shall not prevent the bills from becoming delinquent nor relieve the consumer from payment.

                                  Code of Ordinances:  Town of Bath    Section 4-1-20                                                                        



The municipal wastewater system is equipped to handle residential and business wastewater.  This would include bathroom tissue ONLY.  The system is not equipped to accept any foreign matters of any kind, other than bathroom tissue.  Foreign matter causes the pumps to jam and overheat, resulting in pump failure.  This requires quite an investment of time for pump maintenance as well as a sizeable repair bill for pump rebuilding.


In an effort to reduce the amount of repetitive maintenance being required, the Town of Bath has emplemented the following policies:

1.  All utility equipment will have to be accessible to utility workers.  If Town of Bath employees have to search, dig, remove structures, etc. to perform maintneance, the resident will be charged at the rate of $25/hr.

2.  If the pump failure is the result of a foreign matter being placed into the system, the customer will be charged 100% of the repair charge.  Routine pump repairs can cost the Town of Bath as much as $1,850 per unit.  This does not include any labor necessary to performe the maintenance.  A photograph will be taken of the pump and foreign matter for customer assurance.  It is important to note that this charge does not include routine maintenance or pump failure due to normal wear.

3.  If you anticipate not using water and wastewater services for a period of more than 30 days at your residence, you are required to notify the Town of Bath Utilities @ 923-0917.  This will allow the utility dept to inspect and prevent the line from becoming clogged.  If the service line becomes clogged as a result of inactivity, and you failed to notify us, the resident will be assessed the cost of repairs.

4.  No resident shall attempt to maintain the unit or adjust electrical controls located at the residence.  No lock should be tampered with and the seal should not be broken.  Once again, call 923-0917 for service.


The Town of Bath aprpeciates your assistance with this matter and welcomes any suggestions or questions concerning the utility system and its maintenance.


2018 CCR Notice